Samhain/Fall Desktop Backgrounds

It’s been a while. Let me start by saying that I’m not big on Halloween celebrations, simply because where I come from we don’t celebrate Halloween. Maybe a little more nowadays. Also I am not into scary stuff or dark stuff, does that make me a bad witch? I think that I was too traumatized by ghosts & weird happenings as a kid that I don’t really want to have anything to do with it now. It seems like I’m warming up to Samhain this year, taking it slow for the past two years is working and I can finally feel the connection forming. It makes me happy, cause I always felt a little left out during this time, cause I didn’t enjoy Samhain as much as much most witches do.

As you know I love to make desktop backgrounds for the sabbats & seasons, for me it’s part of the decorating and helps me to get in the mood. The ones I made for Samhain are not too spooky or dark, but more fallish and cozy. I do have kids so that is also why I don’t want anything on my desktop that might scare them. Anyway I hope you like them.




Hello, how is everyone? I hope you all had a lovely Lughnasadh no matter how big or small you celebrated 🙂 The picture up here is from my Book of Shadows (please don’t judge my drawings 😀 I know I suck, but it’s fun to practise). Our celebration was just a dinner basically. I would’ve loved to go out for a walk in the park with the kids, but the weather predicted lots of rain ,which only arrived late night at the end. Even though it wasn’t raining the sky looked like it would any moment and I was busy baking and cleaning anyway.

So, my altar. First off, I am sorry for the dirty window, I clean it every week yet the day after it’s already like this again. I don’t know what the heck do my cats do to it! Behind there is a small closed balcony where I put two of my cats at night, cause one of them likes to meow around the house and the younger one plays a little too hard, so I don’t have to worry about them waking up the kids. Anyway, so, I would’ve wanted a cloth or something but I didn’t find anything suitable and in the budget so I just leave it like this. On there I have a few plants, some very crooked cheap orange candles, some more candles, an eagle looking over my altar checking everything with it’s eyesight, a fake pomegranade for Persephone, a fake sunflower and some other smaller yellow flowers, an incense burner and I keep my most used incenses right there as well in a vase. On one picture there is also a golden plate for offerings 🙂

I also baked a pie for the first time ever & it was really good! My husband thought the dough was store bought so it must’ve been good, right? 🙂 I did the dough the night before and did the rest in the morning. I also baked two kinds of breads: one was my trusted recipe where I don’t measure anything and other was a new recipe with honey I found on pinterest. Both came out really well, soft and sweet and I ate one right away with butter and it was heaven lol. I am definitely more of a baker than a cook. That’s probably due to my love for sweets 😛

For dinner we had some pork loins on grill pan, corn with butter & a salad. It wasn’t really a feast, just a simple dinner, but I tried to make foods associated with Lughnasadh.

For the table I wanted a cloth that would be in theme, orange-yellow-brownish-beige color or maybe with sunflowers but again I didn’t find anything suitable or in my budget so I used the most neutral tablecloth that I had which is pastel pink but at least it looked pretty good. I tried to make decent pictures but my two year old kept pulling the tableclth and moving the stuff on the table – it was a struggle 😀

And that’s it for our Lughnasadh. Very simple, didn’t do much yet it seems like all I did yesterday was to cook, bake, clean-up, do the dishes and try to keep the dining area decent. Let me know if you celebrated and how. I wish you all a wonderful August and may you enjoy this last month of summer ❤

♥ ♥ ♥


Lughnasadh Wallpapers/Desktop Backgrounds + chat

Hello to my 21 followers from who probably only 2 actually read this blog 😀 Not judging, I’m aware that I haven’t been taking care of this blog, the last post was about Ostara for fucks sake! I have so much going on that I just haven’t time 😦 I have so much going on in my physical life as much with my spiritual life. I think everyone is going hrough some major changes during this time of planets retrograding and eclipses. It can be frustrating and hard but it’s worth it!

Lately I have started working with Greek gods & goddesses more and more. The funny thing is that I never thought I’d work with them. It   seemed to me just keeping some statues and making offerings, but I did not excpect to feel them. I didn’t know how wonderful they are and how rewarding it is to create a bond with them. I believe in loooots of things, but I didn’t think I would have any response from there and boy was I wrong. They make themselves to be heard loud and clear, they tell you exactly what they want and prefer or sometimes they simply have a word of encouragement. Yep, I am completely blown away.

I can’t wait to celebrate Lughnasadh and to cook a little feast for my family. The last time I did that on…Mabon . I know, I know but I’m sure I’m not the only witch who can’t keep up with all the festivities. It gets easier the more you do it, as you start having your own traditions and it becomes a part of a routine. But I am still at the very early stages trying to figure it out, trying to learn the meanings, the traditions and inserting them in our life. I always do the wallpapers though, that is definitely my own tradition (I also did Litha & Beltane, so let me know if you want me to publish those too). I hope you enjoy them and hopefully – talk to you soon!

♥ ♥ ♥

Ostara 2018

Hello, how is everyone? I hope you all had a lovely Spring Equinox. Unfortunately I didn’t get to celebrate yet again, but at least this year I had a proper altar for it 🙂 The weather has been crappy so we didn’t even get to go on a nature walk. But I did have a lot of energy, I cleaned a lot, I worked out and then I danced till I was drowning in sweat twice that day so it was pretty much 3 workouts in a day 😀 I also stayed up until 11pm with no problem, I know I know, it’s not that late but mamas with kids will understand 😛 Usually I’m exhausted by 9pm & can’t wait to drop to my bed! I did light the candles on my altar in the evening & took a moment to breathe and thank the Nature and to be thankful for the light returning and the beginning of the warm season 🙂


Unfortunately I didn’t get a whole picture of my altar, I tried the panoramic photo but it didn’t work out.

I usually don’t keep incense on the altar, but I didn’t know what to do with that plant holder so I got this idea to put either spring-Ostara related or my most used incenses there. It’s easier for me to have them on hand and they add to the altar as well 🙂 There’s Lilac, Jasmine, Dragons Blood, Pagan Magic & Lemongrass (not on the photo).

The stones on there are: citrine, serpentine, aquamarine & pink quartz. I also wanted to put fresh flowers on my altar but that didn’t happen either & it’s probably for the best. My husband got me flowers for the Women’s Day & I spent all my days shoo’ing my cats from eating them….ahhhh cats 😀 I need to get them some grass or something!

I wish you all a good start to Springtime ❤ Much Love & Blessings!


Ostara & Spring Wallpapers

Hello again dear ones. Every season or festivity I like to create wallpapers for my computer. It’s a way of “decorating” and also getting into that holiday spirit. So today I’d like to share some backgrounds I created for Ostara and for the arrival of Spring. I used to use PicMonkey which had better personalizing for te collages, but it’s now all with payment, so I used Fotor in case you’re curious. It does the job and is the best I could find for online editing and believe me, I tried them all! Looking at them I feel like I need more green, more nature. I guess I’ll do more greenery for Beltane and Summer. Anyway, I hope you enjoy♥


I am wishing everyone a Blessed Weekend!

The Little Things | Witchy Chat

Hi, how are you all? Thought I’d come here and have a little chat with you. How did you spend Valentine’s Day. By the way you can check out my V Day altar here. In the evening I decided to light an incense for Aphrodite and one for Eros. I asked Aphrodite for blessing for my relationship and thanked her. Then I went to light an incense for Eros and asked him to help to keep the spark of alive in my relationship and as I blew on it sparks flew! Maybe that’s something that happens with incense but to me it has never happened so in this context I’m sure going to take it as a sign from Eros that he heard me & appreciated my offering. To me it’s a big step. When I first started on this journey I didn’t think I was going in the gods & goddesses direction. I just didn’t see myself connecting with them & now here I am, excited to get to know them and to create a relationship 🙂

I am also very happy I had a moment to write some things in my Book of Shadows. I am definitely more of a Sun witch than a Moon witch. I was so excited when I found this sun magic tumblr blog and I felt inspired to write some things down. I’ve always felt very connected to the Sun and it’s energy, I just love love love the sunshine, just to feel the warmth. I makes me feel magical, I don’t need the Moon & the darkness & mystery. For me it’s the Sun that inspires me and gives me energy. My last blog was called Daughter of the Sun. It wasn’t a pagan or a witchy one but I still felt the need to put the sun in there ♥

Sometimes I feel a little disconnected from the witches community when they speak about how the moon makes them feel, cause I don’t feel the same. I wish I did, but that’s just not me. I am not mysterious like the Moon, I am out in the open just like the Sun. I am not soft like the Moon, but I am warm like the Sun, and sometimes I can burn too. I represent the energy of the Sun so I should use that in my favor in my craft. I do want to get closer to the Moon as well, she’s wonderful, we just haven’t had our moment yet 🙂

What do you think of Sun magic? Which do you prefer? Do you practice both and how do you use them differently?

Shrove Tuesday in Estonia|Pagan Traditions

Hello dear ones, hello to whoever is reading this post and welcome to this witchy pagan blog 🙂 For those who don’t know, Estonia is a small country in North Europe, just under Finland, one of the three Baltic countries and confines with Russia. Since I am Estonian I want to share our traditions and often pagan ways, it’s always fun to learn I think.

Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake) day is a big holiday there, I’d say as big as Easter, maybe even more. This holiday is called Vastlapäev, the word comes from a German word “fasten”(to fast) and päev means day. After that day the fasting begun, cause the meat ran out. The old Estonians ate by the reasons and meat was only eaten in the wintertime.

Traditions: The main tradition is sledding, it’s for kids and adults both. The idea of sledding was to bring luck for the new harvest and the one with the longest “line” of sledding will grow the tallest flax (at the time flax was one of the most important crop). Sleight ride is also a part of this tradition. These plus the food are still used today as a tradition, but let’s take a look at some older traditions.

Me & my dad sledding back in 2001

It was a day to cut hair and horse tail hair, cause it would make your hair strong as the horses hair. And you had to brush your hair seven times.

Women’s jobs were forbidden, especially spinning yarn and other moving around jobs, it was supposed to bring bad luck to sheep. You could tie and make ropes. Also forbidden was lighting a fire, that was considered harmful for horses and livestock. There was no visiting others as well, especially for women as it made the pigs grumpy (what? :D).

After eating the bones left were given names, then they let the dog in and who’s bone the dog chose would find a husband first.

Food: For breakfast it was mostly groat porridge. The most important meal were pork legs and the fatter and greasier the food, the better. Nowadays the most important and used Shrove Tuesday food are a Pea Soup and Buns with Whipped Cream. They serve these at schools and kindergartens, and most moms will do them do.

In the past the pork legs were served with peas or salted beans. Sometimes they brought their pork legs with them to eat outside while sledding and it wasn’t recommended to clean the fingers from the grease. to A special treat was the pig tail and it was left for  the kids.

Of course I underestimated the time I had in hand. I wanted to write about older traditions, but it’s already Shrove Tuesday! I guess I’ll leave it for the next year. I am not going sledding unfortunately since I don’t currently live in Estonia, but I’ll surely make some delicious buns 🙂


Valentine’s Day Altar 2018

Hey, how is everyone? Imbolc is over now and it’s too early for Ostara so I had the idea to create a Valentine’s day altar. Just to bring more attention to and to strengthen my relationship with my husband. We never really celebrate Valentine’s Day plus I am a very non-romantic person 😀 I thought this year I’d try a little more to do something for him and to make him feel special 🙂 There’s so much going on with three kids and all the crazy life so I think it’s only fair to bring some good vibes and focus to our relationship.

I wish you all a lovely weekend. I am also working on anther post for next week, so look out for that 🙂



Imbolc 2018


Hi, I wish you all a Blessed Imbolc! I hope everyone had a lovely one 🙂 I’m sorry that I’m not that active here, but I do want to continue blogging about this part of my life and to have likeminded people to share with and from who to learn. It’s a struggle to stay on top of things with 3 kids, 3 cats, homeschooling, taking care of a home (and a husband of course) and I also started a mommy/lifestyle blog in Italian (I know, why?) so I’m a little overwhelmed, but nothing a little planning can’t fix…hopefully… Anyway let’s talk about Imbolc now. Last year was like a try out year for celebrating sabbats, hopefully I’ll do better this year.


This is my Imbolc altar. At first I wanted to go with an all white & silver theme, but then I found this cute red candleholder and the seeds alone would’ve stand out too much. So I added a few other pops of red and pinecones. You can’t see it on the photos but the cloth also has really cute snowflakes on the sides. I’m really happy how this altar turned out 🙂


In the morning I woke up bright & early to take a shower and to prepare the dough for the raisin bread, which we ate as an afternoon snack with some camomille tea. But before that we went out for our walk to look for the signs of spring and this year we found a lot more than last year. It’s fun to document this and compare to other years. You can check out my last year Imbolc post if you want to.


The weather was so lovely I had to stop for a few pics, I rarely get any full body shots since I’m always with the kiddos. And this was actually taken by my 9year old 😀 Kids can come handy you know 😀

davThere was still some ice on the ground in some places, but much less than last year. We saw people with bikes, we saw buds, we saw snowdrops and the air was so nice!


In the evening I took a moment for a few offers. The first piece of the raisin bread went to Brigid of course. The porridge with jam was for the house spirit/guardian. You see in Estonia, still today, many people believe in these creatures living in every home and if they are respected and treated well then they help to take care of the house, the pets and bring harmony. Whenever something is missing we also say it’s the house fairy/elf/spirit that’s being naughty. And last but not least, a cup of sweet camomille tea for Hestia. Until now I’ve been hesitant about the gods and goddesses and so on, but these past few months I’ve been feeling more and more connection to Hestia, which is not surprising  me being mostly a cottage witch and really focused on my home and family life. So yeah, I’m trying to get to know her and to connect with her, slowly and in small steps 🙂 Anyway I feel like since they are all from different religions and traditions they were all together like in some awkward gathering and later they had a discussion about me like teachers at school 😀 Is that silly? I just got that vibe.


And that is all I did. How did your Imbolc went and did you celebrate? I send you all many many blessings! And hopefully I’ll be back soon<3

Why I love Imbolc

Hello to the few readers of this blog 😛 It’s been a while… My last post was in the beginning of October…ups. I didn’t celebrate Samhain cause I’ve never been a fan of Halloween and the darkness. I’m more of a Sun witch which is probably why. And then I’m still trying to figure out how to balance Yule & Christmas and with three kids, homeschooling & preparing for Christmas December was a blurry mess. But now comes Imbolc, it was the first sabbat I ever celebrated so maybe that’s why it’s so special to me, but here is a list of reasons why I love Imbolc.

1. It’s a new start & I am obsessed with starting things (not so good at finishing though). There’s something so magical & satisfying about  starting over, a clean slate.

2.After the rush of the holidays there’s a calmness & freedom about Imbolc. The Christmas decorations come down, everyone slows down, less running around, less noise. It’s soothing.

3.White. Imbolc has several colors, but to it’s mostly about white & silver. So clean and so pure.

4.Something to wait for after the big holidays. When Christmas & New Year pass, it can be a little sad. The most joyful time of the year is finished and now we’re facing the hardest part of the winter. Therefore it’s really nice to have something to celebrate inbetween. 

5. Candles. Actually candles are pretty much part of every sabbat, but especially Imbolc. Candlelight is magical, calming, soothing, cozy and much more. Since I was a little girl I always loved to sit in the candlelight and just relax, just breathe. Candlelight is gentle and warm like a mothers hug.

So these are the main reasons why I love Imbolc. You can check out this post about how I celebrated Imbolc last year. The post is still on my old blog so don’t be surprised 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Which sabbat is your favorite? What do you love about Imbolc?